Bow Wow Says He’ll Get Angela Simmons Back If He Wants Her


Bow Wow seemingly carried Thursday’s bold social media energy into Friday morning. As you may recall, he mentioned Angela Simmons on Twitter declaring he’s “not playing” with her “no more.” Bow Wow then asked her “what we doing.” Angela kept it mum on social media. But when a Twitter user mentioned a text, Bow Wow insinuated that Angela responded privately.

“Angela gone always hit back for me no matter what,” Bow Wow tweeted in response. “It’s like that.”

Another Twitter account chimed in the conversation saying “day 2 of tryna get Angela back.” That’s when Bow Wow claimed on Beyoncé’s innanet that he, real name Shad Moss, still has access to his ex-bae Ms. Simmons!

“Tryna? If I want her I’ll het her,” Bow Wow tweeted. “Simple!”

Like the first time around, Angela didn’t say a public word about Bow Wow’s confident claims. Nor did she slip the tweet a like or retweet. Instead, the reality star and entrepreneur gave her Instagram Story viewers a show featuring advertisements, music, self-care routines, time with her son and a fitness check-in. Nothing about Shad Moss or his tweets about their connection. Still, their on-and-off again relationship is no secret to their fans.

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