Kenyan Elderly Women Learn To Defend Themselves Against Sexual Attack.


In the alleyways of a Korogocho slum in Kenya, 15 women, many of them grandmothers, have enrolled in twice-a-week taekwondo classes at a run-down community centre.

At the Korogocho community hall, women clad in headscarves and long skirts are punching, with bare knuckles, sacks full of old clothes produced as makeshift punching bags.

One after the other, the women are seen walking slowly past raw sewage and sharp metal roofing to an open space in Korogocho which is a Swahili term meaning "crowded shoulder to shoulder."

Lack of prospects and a secure future mean many youths are vulnerable to joining gangs which can lead them to commit crimes including rape.

Elderly women suffer far higher levels of sexual abuse since they are deemed weaker by the attackers.

Part of their training involves learning to vocalise their distress during any attack to ensure that they are heard.

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