21 Savage Busted By Feds On Gun & Lean Charge In Relation To 2019 Ice Arrest


British-American rapper 21 Savage is still feeling the fallout of his 2019 arrest by Enforcement (ICE) agents after claiming his visa expired and attempted to deport him back to the United Kingdom.

According to TMZ,at the time of the February 2019 arrest, federal agents are alleging that the “a lot” rapper ditched a bottle of codeine outside his car and discovered a handgun inside his vehicle.

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office charged 21 Savage — born Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph — with a pair of new charges including possession of a gun and possession of a schedule II controlled substance.

Savage turned himself in on Thursday night (September 23) and was bonded out immediately. His attorneys issued a statement to TMZ about how the arrest continues to shine a light on the broken justice system. They previously denied their client ever having loaded gun in his glove box at the time of the arrest.

“Last night’s manufactured charges are yet another example of how our justice system, from ICE down to the local level, unjustly targets young Black men who seek to exercise their rights,” Charles Kuck said. “There is no legitimate basis for these charges nor for ICE’s continued antics, and we will fight until Mr. Joseph is justly vindicated.”

ICE is still attempting to deport 21 Savage back to England. 21 Savage and his attorneys will continue to fight for him to stay in the United States and while the additional charges may throw another obstacle in their journey, 21’s legal team remains confident they can score a victory with their immigration court hearing set for November.

The Slaughter Gang boss ended up turning his 2019 hiccup into another win when he and J. Cole’s “a lot” took home honors for Best Rap Song at the 2020 Grammy awards.

Been a celebrity shouldn’t make you unlawful actually........

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