Becky Hill: I Like To Give Back With My Music

 Becky Hill likes to give back with her music.

The 'Better Off Without You' singer says hearing relatable songs about heartbreak and falling in love has helped her through those times and allowed her to "fantasise", and she hopes she can do that for her fans through her music.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at The Wanted star Tom Parker's 'Inside My Head' Stand Up to Cancer charity concert at London's Royal Albert Hall on Monday (20.09.21), Becky said: "One of my favourite things about music is how somebody could write something so personal yet it’s something you could attach onto your own experience and kind of make somebody else’s experience about yours.

"Growing up with music as a kid – I used to feel like artists were writing songs about me falling in love.

"If I couldn’t relate to it, it was so lovely to fantasise about a time I would fall in love or have my heart broken. I think that’s the most beautiful thing about music.

"That’s what music always does. I like to be able to give something back."

The 27-year-old singer - who finally released her debut album, 'Only Honest On The Weekend', after a nine-year wait last month - shared one way in which one of her deeply personal songs, 'Distance', has been interpreted by a fan.

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