Judge Denies Bail For Pop Smoke’s Alleged Killer


According to TSR, a Los Angeles County judge has denied bail to Corey Walker, one of the four teens accused of killing the late Pop Smoke.

Walker’s attorney, Christopher Darden, requested bail for his client, but prosecutors filed a response to the motion suggesting that Walker’s case was not applicable for bail based on the letter of the law.

Judge Curtis B. Rappe seemed to agree with the state, denying the bail motion for Walker, who will for now remain in custody until trial.

Rappe also noted that the case was no longer a capital one.

Walker, 20, was the only suspect who was an adult at the time of Pop Smoke’s death. He and three juvenile males are accused of killing Pop Smoke during a robbery in February of 2020.

At a preliminary hearing, Williams said Walker had scouted the house hours earlier and knew the teens planned to rob Pop Smoke at gunpoint to obtain the ice he flashed in his Instagram photos earlier that day.

“They specifically target this house wanting this victim to be there,” Williams said, saying Walker’s actions showed a “reckless indifference to human life.”

He’ll be back in court in mid October. Williams told the judge she believes the trial will take a total of 3-4 weeks including jury selection.

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