Mick Jagger Appears In Music Video With His Younger Brother

 The Jagger brothers have joined forces in a new video

Mick Jagger has appeared in a new music video with his younger brother – you can watch the moment below.

The pair duet on the song ‘Anyone Seen My Heart’ which appears on Mick’s brother Chris’ latest album, ‘Mixing Up The Medicine’, which was released on September 10.

Speaking about the track and the seas behind it, Chris said: “I found this obscure poet called Thomas Beddoes. I was reading this book by Ezra Pound, and he mentioned Beddoes. I found this book of his called Death’s Jest Book, in which he wrote these kinds of weird plays.”

A further two tracks on the album have words inspired by Beddoes. Chris continued: “He was a poet from Bristol, and his father knew Shelley, so he was coming in just after the Romantic poets. He was an alcoholic and he committed suicide by poisoning himself in Basel in 1849. He was only 45. I read some of his verse and took them and put them to music.”

You can watch the new song below:

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