Taylor Swift Releases New Version of ‘Wildest Dreams’ From ‘1989,’


There's nothing Taylor Swift likes more than surprising her Swifties with an unexpected music drop. But when Tay Nation woke up with the new "Taylor's Version" of the 1989 single "Wildest Dreams"on Friday (Sept. 17) some of them had mixed feelings. Sure, they were wildly excited to have a glimpse of another one of Swift's re-recordings of an iconic tune, but they were also like, "Wait up. Why are you going out of order!?"

S[ptember 17, 2021

Swifties: what era are we on?

Taylor: pic.twitter.com/ZcYpq61DNt

— Leslie | (@LeslieRivas09) September 17, 2021

what era are we going through swiftie?the greatest confusion of the century! Or should I called it ”the identity crisis of the swifties” pic.twitter.com/Vm7oHOAoxk

— ariel06|on bloody f*cking limit (@Swizzle1312) September 17, 2021

excuse me, 'what era are we really in?' i'm so confused pic.twitter.com/qQ9twVCHHf

— Andi Bazaar (@andibazaar) September 17, 2021

the simulation is glitching what era are we in #WildestDreamsTaylorsVersion pic.twitter.com/uOg41NKGgW

— (@youremylover) September 17, 2021

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