'The Voice': Ariana Grande Disowns 'pov' After This Singer Had The 'Audacity' to Perform it

 Auditioning on “The voice”is nerve-wracking enough for contestants, but performing an  Ariana Grande song in front of the Grammy winner is added pressure. 

"You have the audacity to sing Ariana’s song behind her," John Legend told Gymani. 

The 23-year-old Georgia native added her own soulful touch to Grande's “POV” during the second night of Blind Auditions on Tuesday. Gymani knew the risk she was taking and singing a coach's song typically doesn't go over too well. (Remember when Lauren Hall was sent home during Season 17 after singing Clarkson’s “Breakaway.”)

"Singing this song in front of Ariana Grande is huge. I have very big shoes to fill," said the mother of two. "I’m going to put that funk, that soul, that R&B on it."

Gymani did just that and instantly earned a chair turn from Grande and the rest of the coaches, earning the only four-chair turn of the night.

"That’s your song now. Take it," said Grande, who had an out-of-body experience and didn't "remember where I am or what’s happening" right now. "For the rest of my life, I’m going to be like, 'Oh, I’m covering Gymani’s song.'"

She continued: "I am honored that you sang my song and I would be so honored to have you on my team. I would do anything. Whatever. I’ll literally do anything."

But just because Gymani selected a Grande song, didn't mean Grande was a shoo-in. Gymani shockingly selected Clarkson as her coach, surprising Clarkson herself.  

"No one including me saw that happening," Clarkson said. Of course, Shelton couldn't wait to rub it in Grande's face: "What happened? She sang your song!"

Ariana Grande joins 'The Voice'as coach, replacing Nick Jonas for next season 

Earlier in the night, Legend and Grande pulled out the popcorn (literally) for an epic fight between Clarkson and Shelton.

The arch rival coaches went head-to-head for Lana Scott following her "whiney" rendition of "hole in the bottle" by Kelsea Ballerini,who filled in as a guest coach for Clarkson last season. 

But, according to Shelton, "Kelly won’t know" the song selection because she isn't familiar with country music. Clarkson objected: "I may not wear cowboy boots or a big ole buckle but I love country music."

The argument got so intense that Legend and Grande opted to leave the stage while Clarkson and Shelton battled it out. "Do you want to get a snack?" Grande asked. 

"I feel like John and I are parents on a vacation or field trip with our children," Grande said. Legend added, "These two cannot stop fighting."

Scott ultimately picked Shelton, giving the country cowboy ultimate bragging rights: "There’s nothing better than being ganged up on by all three of the coaches and still getting an artist."

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