T.I. & Tiny Harris Won't Face Charges From Sexual Assault Case

According to billboard, On Thursday (Sept. 16) T.I and his wife Tiny Harris will not face charges stemming from a 2005 incident involving a woman claiming that the couple allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted her in Los Angeles. According to court documents obtained by Billboard, the statute of limitations in the case expired after 10 years.

In a statement sent to Billboard by the Harrises' attorney Shawn Holley, she expressed the couple's satisfaction with the outcome. "Mr. and Mrs. Harris are pleased, but not surprised, by the District Attorney's decision to dismiss these meritless allegations," says Holley. "We appreciate the DA's careful review of the case and are grateful to be able to put the matter behind us and move on."

Last May, the complaining witness filed a report to the LAPD claiming that T.I. and Tiny sexually assaulted her after allegedly spiking her drink. Around the same time, a second woman also accused T.I. and Tiny of similar behavior back in 2010 in Las Vegas. Her case too was declined due to the statute of limitations expiring.

In a new podcast interview with Big Facts Live this week, T.I. vehemently denied all the allegations against him and his wife.

"Why, all of a sudden, after all of these many years of service to the community, decades of integrity and showing people who I am... I just become a creep to people," he said. "I ain't bullsh--ting, bruh. Motherf---ers just want me to be a creep so f---ing bad. Like, my n---a, where that come from?"

Since Jan.. 30, T.I. and Tiny voiced their innocence regarding all allegations made against them.

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