Viral Nicki Minaj Themed Anti-Vaccine Protest Led By A Fringe Political Group


On Wednesday, a video of a group of anti-vaccine protestors outside the Atlanta Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offices went viral.  The group chanted "down with the CDC, Fauci lies to me" after a masked man yelled into a megaphone that "Nicki Minaj said I'm not going to take your vaccine." 

The clip was viewed a quarter of million times on Twitter and was picked up by news outlets — local Atlanta affiliate  CBS 46 described the crowd as "Nicki Minaj fans" an Newsweek said they were "inspired" by the singer. 

Nicki Minaj sparked a tidal wave of controversy on Monday when she tweeted that she wasn't vaccinated against COVID-19 and that her "cousin in Trinidad won't get the vaccine" because his friend "became impotent" after he received it. 

The Atlanta protesters were part of a fringe political group

The Atlanta protestors weren't just "barbz" — a nickname Minaj's most dedicated fans. The participants were part of the group the Black Hammer, which describes itself on its Instagram as an "anti-colonial organization that exists to take the land back for all Colonized people."

The group cited Nicki Minaj at their CDC protest

The group tweeted on their main account announcing their plan to protest at noon on Wednesday, writing that they are "FED UP with the way the media is portraying Nicki Minaj."

Video will be uploaded soon…

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