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Billie Lourd Pays Tribute to Late Mother Carrie Fisher on Sixth Anniversary of her Death

  Billie Lourd wrote a tribute post to her late mother Carrie Fisher six years after Carrie’s death. In a Tuesday Instagram post, the Ticket to Paradise star acknowledged the six-year anniversary of her mother Carrie Fisher’s death. Captioning a photo of herself and her late mother together, Billie wrote, “It has been 6 years since my Momby died (feels like 2 but also like 705 at the same time?). And unlike most other years since she’s died, this year, these past two weeks have been some of the most joyful of my life.” Billie and her husband Austen Rydell welcomed their second child, Jackson, on 12 December. They also share two-year-old Kingston. “My mom is not here to meet either of them and isn’t here to experience any of the magic. Sometimes the magical moments can also be the hardest,” the actress shared in her post. “For anyone out there experiencing the reality of grief alongside the magic of life, I see you. You are not alone.” She advised anyone experiencing both “magical” and

Dave Chappelle Says He’s Open to Talking With Netflix Employees Who Staged Walkout

In a statement shared with TMZ, a representative for Dave Chappelle said that he would be up for speaking with those at Netflix who feel comments he made in the special were harmful towards the LGBTQ+ community. The representative added that Chappelle hasn’t been contacted about starting a dialogue or organizing a meeting to discuss the issue further.

One of the walkout organizers, Ashlee Marie Preston, previously claimed she invited Chappelle to talk about what he said in the controversial special, which Netflix co ceo Ted Sarandos defended in leaked internal communications. Since then, Ted has admitted that he “screwed up the internal communication” regarding the backlash to The Closer.

Trans employees and allies staged their walkout on Wednesday, prompted by Sarandos’ defense of the special and Chapelle’s seemingly dismissive response to criticism. GLAAD and other civil rights organizations have slammed the special.

The National Black Justice Coalition requested that Netflix remove The Closer altogether, highlighting that 2021 is “on track to be the deadliest year on record for transgender people in the United States.” 

Around halfway through The Closer, Chappelle brought up the criticism that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling had faced after she shared transphobic sentiments online. "They canceled her because she said in an interview—and this is not exactly what she said but effectually—she said gender was a fact," he said.

"And then the trans community got mad as shit. They started calling her a TERF."

TERF, which stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminist, is often used as a label to refer to individuals who believe the existence of trans women poses a threat to the safety of cisgender women. “I’m team TERF,” Chappelle said. “I agree, Man. Gender is a fact.”

He did, however, insist he doesn’t believe “trans women aren’t women,” which he then followed with regressive comments. “I am just saying that those pussies that they got, you know what I mean? I’m not saying it’s not pussy but that’s like Beyond Pussy or Impossible Pussy,” Chappelle continued.


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Stormzy Fanboys Over Taylor Swift Backstage At MTV EMAs

 The pair both attended the MTV European Music Awards (EMAs) in Dusseldorf, Germany on Sunday (13.11.22) - where the US pop megastar dominated the evening, earning four gongs - and the Grime star was successful in his pursuit of grabbing a snap with the 'Karma' hitmaker backstage at the bash. He posted on his Instagram Story: "Man’s trying to get a selfie with Taylor Swift! Man’s running around." The 'Vossi Bop' hitmaker then captioned a selfie tagging the singer: "@taylorswift can I have a selfie please." He then updated fans: "Mans going to meet Taylor. (sic)" And sure enough, he posed with the 'Shake It Off' hitmaker before adding a final picture of himself with a massive smile beaming across his face. Pleased with himself, he gushed "So happy." The 29-year-old rapper has made a habit out of fanboying over his idols backstage at awards ceremonies. In 2020, Stormzy interrupted Billie Eilish's backstage interview at t

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Kid Cudi Wants to Help Lil Nas X Destroy the 'Homophobic Cloud Over Hip-Hop'

  Kid Cudi is extending himself to Lil Nas X . For Time's 100 Most Influential People of 2021 list, published on Wednesday (Sept. 15), Cudi wrote about Lil Nas X and declared his support for the "Industry Baby" artist after the 22 year old tweeted that Black male rappers aren't interested in working with him. "When I saw the tweet about Nas’ album Montero not featuring Black male artists, and he replied that 'maybe a lot of them just don’t wanna work with me,' that made me sad," Cudi wrote. "There’s a homophobic cloud over hip-hop, and he’s going to break that s--- down. We have to stand with him. I’m going to do whatever I have to do to let him know -- you have my support. When we do our song together, however trippy the video is, let’s get sexy with it." After seeing Lil Nas' tweet, Cudi replied, "N---a I'll work w u and frolic in rose gardens w u and singin about my pain." In a follow up tweet, Lil Nas told his follo