Kevin Gates Says Semen Retention Is Better Than Ejaculation During Sex


Kevin Jerome Gilyard, popularly known as Kevin Gates, he recently trended on Twitter when he spoke about gravity defying stage presence,though he is looking more healthy than he use to, sharing his intense fitness regimen which includes no ejaculation, healthy nutrition.

He told the hosts Gillie Da Kid and Wallo about his newfound body hack, he admitted he knew how weird it sounded but insisted it works.

“Another thing I was telling you that’s really healing to your body and it’s going to sound crazy but it’s semen retention, not releasing no semen,” he said. “Your intention should be to please your partner. And don’t release no semen.”

Instead, Gates said he spends copious amounts of time on foreplay.

When I say foreplay, I mean everything,” he stated. “Don’t even tell me where your spot at, imma find it. I aim to please my partner, whatever partner I’m dealing with at the time.”

Though Kevin might sound crazy but he might not be because Men’s Health attest that men who practice semen retention helps reduce poor memory,depression, fatigue and anxiety.

He added that he hasn’t ejaculated in three years, and it’s helped him a lot.That most organs fails when one ejaculates a lot.

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