Kid Cudi & Lil Yachty Include Seth Rogen In Their Rap Collaboration Plans

Kid Cudi is checking off bucket list collaborations for artists that looked up to him while growing up. After Kid Cudi connected with Lil Nas X, Lil Yachty tried his shot at earning a collab by taking to Twitter to say he’d do just about anything to work with the the superstar.

Seth Rogen has secured his invitation to witness a Kid Cudi and Lil Yachty collaboration come to life in person.

The swiftly accepted proposal went down on Twitter, as these things often do, and started with a limb-based offer from Yachty. As the Michigan Boy Boat artist explained, he would hand over “any limb” in exchange for a Cudi collab.

Within hours, Cudi had responded, jokingly calling Yachty “fucker” and confirming he was down to work together. And not long after that, fans were given public confirmations of an exchange of Instagram DMs.

“Im building a studio in LA,” Cudi said. “It’ll be open to other artists to come create. Approved blueprints last week. Excited. The design is insano. Prolly open next summer.”

Keep an eye out for more heat from Kid Cudi as he brings his humming and intoxicating vibes to connect with younger generation of rhymers to close out 2021.

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