Kim Kardashian Has Her Pick of Chris Rock, Amy Schumer in Star-Studded 'Bachelorette' Spoof


Kim Kardashian West may be single, but it's her “SNL” character Rochelle who had her pick of many impressive men (and one lucky lady) during a "Bachelorette" parody sketch.

On "The Dream Guy,Kardashian West played a woman named Rochelle looking for love among a group of impressive suitors. Stand-up Chris Rock, wrestler/actor John Cena and more appeared as themselves for the skit that took place during a rose ceremony of sorts. Only instead of roses, Kardashian West handed out tokens.

Her character picked "Chace C" (actor Chace Crawford) and thanked him for "telling me all about your gigantic hit show 'Gossip Girl'." To Tyler Cameron, a contestant during Hannah Brown's season of "The Bachelorette" in 2019, she expressed appreciation to him "for showing me your perfectly hot body. That was really vulnerable of you."

Rochelle also wanted to continue her relationship with Brooklyn Nets player Blake Griffin, because he's "a six-time NBA all-star and that intrigues me." Rochelle also likes comics like "Chris R." (Rock). "Thank you for making me watch your nine HBO specials and the new one on Netflix while you sat next to me and you mouthed all of the words," Rochelle said. Rock responded: "We can watch Chappelle next time."

Perhaps one of Amy Schumer's specials would be more appropriate? Kardashian West's character also wanted to pursue feelings for producer "Amy S." "Even though I've never dated a woman before, I just feel like there's something –" Kardashian West's Rochelle got out before Schumer cut her off and agreed to explore their feelings. 

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