Lil Uzi Vert Hangouts With Fans Skating So Happily In New York City


Symere Bysil Woods known as Lil Uzi vert  an American rapper and singer characterized by his facial tattoos and piercings also one of the most interesting characters in Hip Hop. Interviewers never know what to expect when talking to Uzi.

Over the last week, Lil Uzi Vert has been moving around New York City like a regular human being, and fans have been loving every minute of it. In one video, Uzi endorsed a young kid seemingly running for school office as he was coming out of his black armored car. Baby Pluto also tried to bust a few ollies on a skateboard with the kid and some friends.

He was also seen fixing his skating board at a shop in NYC and posing for a video with a female fan in the middle of a sidewalk.

The rapper seems to be more free and happy than ever, his fans are so exited with him lately cuz he leaves more as a normal being and not as a celebrity that he is as usual moving around in an Suv or   a mad looking sport car with bouncers everywhere around him.

Lil uzi also spoke to his fans about his new project The Pink Tape and assures a trap hook for everyone.

He recently attended a friend’s wedding in Philadelphia his hometown where he shared quality time with friends and fans. He shared the the video on  social media.

The rapper seems to enjoy his normal lifestyle to being a celebrity as others might not be comfortable with such lifestyle.

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