Logic Celebrates Massive Profit He Made From $2M Crypto Investment


Cryptocurrency is now a milestone, and a chance for any human to be wealthy in the future, it also helps to learn financial literacy though with many been skeptical about the whole cryptocurrency, Logic has shared the massive gain he made in Ethereum.

Many are getting involved and he urges many to do so, Logic took to his to his Twitter to share and celebrate his gains after investing $2M into Ethereum, He invested when it was at the price of $1,400 per Ether.

He said  investing $2M in Ethereum at such rate, thereafter it kept on goin up thereby doubling how much he invested when Ethereum hit $3,000 its really a tremendous gain he added.

He told the press on the Early hours of Thursday the 14th of October with the cost of ether for $3,800 that he has made much profit than he had imagined and its a very good investment.

He said Ethereum is second after bitcoin though the cryptocurrency was neglected when it was launched in 2013 today it’s the biggest Global market and many companies are paying their artist using crypto so it’s good one for it.

He urges his fans and anyone that has been skeptical about the cryptocurrency not be that it’s a gateway for many to be what they want to be and a chance to change anyone’s story.

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