See Lady Gaga Dressed to Kill as Patrizia in New 'House of Gucci' Teaser

Gaga is set to make her follow-up to 2018's A Star Is Born with House of Gucci's arrival on Nov. 26. With just one month left before the star-studded film premieres, a new teaser released Wednesday (Oct. 27) shows the singer as Patrizia Reggiani having her first encounter with fashion house mogul Maurizio Gucci.

In the sneak peek, Gaga wears a red gown, black gloves and diamonds as she introduces herself to Gucci (Adam Driver) at a party. The pair dances the night away, before the trailer progresses to scenes that establish the Gucci family's wealth: Italian ski trips, waterfront vacation homes and luxurious fashion.

"Gucci is like a cake. And you have a taste and you want more and then you'll want the whole thing for yourself," Driver says in the trailer, which ends with Gaga promising Paolo Gucci (played by an unrecognizable Jared Leto) to keep a secret and swearing on a modified holy cross: "Father, son and House of Gucci."

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