Soulja Boy Brags About Making $100k Daily


DeAndre Cortez Way, professionally known as Soulja boy a record producer and rapper brags about his daily income.

The CEO of SODMG took to his Instagram page to flaunt stacks of money saying he makes approximately $100,000 daily resulting to $ 3 million monthly, though he later claimed he makes more than that in a month.

“N-ggas broke as hell,” he said while flaunting stacks of cash from the comfort of his tour bus. “Fuck wrong with y’all broke-ass, bitch-ass n-ggas? I’ve been making $100K a day, n-gga. I’m the n-gga with the bands. I’m the n-gga that made like $2-3 million in a month.”

Soulja boy earned just  $6 million in an entire year back in 2010 when he made his debut on Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings list. 

He boasts of signing a $400 million endorsement deal with world Poker Fund holdings, which was based on the valuation of the whole company.

He claimed he owns the pioneering video game company Atari after he was exposed for selling Chinese products on his site.

His soap company sales increased during the COVID-19 also he launched his own weed brand.

The 31 year old rapper is just enjoying his youthful age and being shouty about his wealth.

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