Boosie Says He’s Making A Difference After Fans Told Him He Was Their Voice

Boosie Badazz believes him using his platform to share his perspective on things regardless of who takes offense is helping make a difference.

The rapper took to his new Instagram account to reveal that several fans came up to him thanking him for being their voice. “I was out making groceries, eight different people came up to me and told me, ‘Man, you the voice I ain’t got, bruh,’” he said in the short clip.

“Eight different people told me, ‘Man, don’t let nobody silence you bruh. You all we got, bruh.’ Eight different people just told me that in three hours. Like, man, shit crazy, man.”

“About four women and four dudes, dawg, said the exact same thing,” Boosie added. “I’m making a difference.”

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