Yungblud producing a short film inspired by his song Mars

Yungblud is producing a short film about "teenage self-discovery" tittled 'Mars'.

Inspired by the story of the song of the same name from the 24-year-old rocker's acclaimed 2020 studio album, 'Weird!', the feature comes from Universal Music Group’s Mercury Studios in partnership with Interscope Films.

'Mars' will mark the 'Fleabag' hitmaker's first foray into production.

The song is about a fan Yungblud - whose real name is Dom Harrison - met on the road and the short is "set in the north of England and follows a day in the life of Charlie Acaster. All Charlie has ever wanted is a normal teenage existence - at least that's what she thinks. Now one extraordinary night will make her reassess what truly matters."

Yungblud said in a press release: “This story is an uncensored, unfiltered portrayal of youth. It revels in the fragile beauty of it, flirts with the pain of it and most importantly the undeniable, glimmering hope of it. It presents a generational shift towards acceptance of one’s self and others, and ever growing confidence in our own insecurities.”

The musician has collaborated with esteemed playwright Chris Bush on the screenplay, and like everything he does, it's fuelled by his goal to make everyone feel "undeniably themselves".

Yungblud continued: “I cannot wait to make my first film. This whole journey started with an encounter. Then it became a song, now it’s becoming a movie. All my art is about and forever will be about, is making people feel like they can be undeniably themselves, whoever they are - and with this project we’re turning that message up to 11.

“The team we’ve assembled is incredible, I am so honoured to stand with them all behind this beautiful project and to have them help me bring it to life. I can honestly say if you don’t adore this movie, then I can guarantee you’ll fucking learn something from it.

“‘You'll see our stars and touch our scars, only when Mars doesn’t have to wait!’"

Chris said: “'Mars' is a story where the mundane and the magical sit side by side. 

It's Space Age escapism shot through with Northern grit. More than anything I hope it's honest. I'm hugely proud to be working with Yungblud, and the fantastic creative team we've assembled. The queer kids are alright."

Production is due to start later this year in the north of England, and they are "committed to securing on and off-screen talent from the trans, non-binary and wider LGBTQ+ community."

Alice Webb, Mercury Studios CEO, commented: “Mercury Studios is a place for artists to experiment and express themselves – pushing boundaries and telling new stories. That’s why I’m immensely proud we’re doing this project with Yungblud. His creativity and empathy is the driving force behind Mars. By bringing this important story to the screen, he is giving a voice to young adults everywhere who are wrestling with the pressures of being themselves in a world that too often tries to define that for us.”

A spring 2022 release has been penciled in.

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