Russian Rapper Dismembered Alive By His Wife For Cheating

 A Russian rapper was dismembered by his wife while he was still breathing, according to new forensic evidence in a high profile Russian case.

The evidence appears to show that rapper Andy Cartwright, 30, was still alive when "his wife began dismembering him", after having been starved of oxygen.

Cartwright, whose real name was Alexander Yushko, died in July 2020 at his home in St Petersburg in what had until now been described as the "perfect murder".

His wife, Marina Kokhal, 37, had admitted to cutting up Cartwright's body and storing body parts in the fridge but insits that he died of a drug overdose.

She claims to have cut him up to prevent his fans from finding out he had died such an "inglorious" death. She had instead planned to tell them he had gone missing.

Russian law enforcement had not found enough proof Kokhal had murdered her husband or that he had even been killed on purpose.

However, she remains the only suspect, despite being released from jail in October.

Cartwright had allegedly been having an adulterous affair with a 26-year-old fan Nadia Romanenko up until his death.

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