London On Da Track’s Mother, Who Is R. Kelly’s Former Assistant, Testifies During His Trial


R. Kelly’s trial is still taking place in New York City, and on Friday, his former assistant entered the courtroom to speak about her time working for the singer.

According to Reuters, Cheryl Mack, who is also the mother of well-known music producer London On Da Track, testified in the Brooklyn courtroom and shared some of the things she experienced while working as an assistant to the singer. One incident she recalled in particular, took place backstage at a concert in Connecticut. She reportedly claimed that she had seen a woman massaging him, and when she left the room she saw the woman moving her head towards his private area.

“That was kind of my cue to leave, I was very uncomfortable,” she said. Another incident she reportedly shared took place in 2015 and involved her writing an “apology letter,” which consisted of claims that were not true after she ruined a party for stylist Kash Brown. “I apologized out of fear,” she added.

The outlet notes that there were several other witnesses that testified to having to write apology letters “purportedly to absolve him [R. Kelly] of misconduct.”

Acknowledging that prosecutors could use those testimonies to demonstrate the alleged control he had over the other people around him.

R. Kelly’s trial began last month in New York, and one of the first people to tesify agasint him was Jerhonda Johnson Pace, who was featured in the “Surviving R. Kelly,” docuseries on Lifetime. So far, alleged victims, former employees and others have testified, making Friday the 18th day of testimonies.


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