Chloe Bailey Says Licking The Mic During Her VMAs Performance Wasn’t Planned

The multi-talented star has revealed just how deeply concentrated she was during her first public performance of “Have Mercy.”

“I swear I didn’t even know I licked the mic til after I watched the performance back,” Chloe tweeted on Friday.

For those of you who missed it, Chloe graced the VMAs stage for about four minutes.  Dressed in a hot pink bodysuit and boots, Chloe stunned as she dipped, twirled, bent over, bounced and sashayed her way across the stage amid both female and male dancers. Not a beat or note was missed.

Near the end of the performance, Chloe threw herself to the stage floor. While still singing, she flipped from her back to her stomach and gave the floor a few dry humps. Then, she looked up and gave her mic a full-blown licking as the network camera zoomed in on her face.

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