Dehenna Davison Says Being Bisexual Makes her So Proud


The British politician recently discussed her bisexuality, she said her sexuality was not a big deal and "just part of who I am".

Dehenna Davidson 28-year-old was elected to represent Bishop Auckland in 2019, the first Tory to hold the post since the constituency's creation in 1885, as Boris Johnson secured a majority in Westminster.


She added that,due to be broadcast on GB News on Monday, Ms Davison said: "If anyone were to explicitly ask me, I certainly wouldn't try and hide it because I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of.


"I haven't done a kind of, 'By the way, guys' is because I don't want being bi to be considered a big deal She said.

She was supported by her colleagues and was warmly welcomed by bisexuals, not everyone shares such views to the world.

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