Protester Goes Topless For Boris Johnson To Meet Up Climate Change Demands


Climate change protester Laura Amherst has vowed that she "won't eat" until Boris Johnson gives in to demands for climate change.


Laura a 31-year-old politics student from Bristol claims to have written to the Prime Minister "detailing how his targets and future plans aren’t good enough" and claims she will go on hunger strike until she is listened to. 

She posted on her Instagram that the Extinction Rebellion activist who has gone topless many times to raise awareness about climate change, said: "I have made the decision to not eat any more food until Boris Johnson actually addresses this letter and Extinction Rebellion's demands.

She added that she knows how  dangerous it is , and I'm scared, nervous myself, but I have to do all that I can and I've made.


Laura added that she has been skeptical about this for a couple of weeks and I've made this decision and I'm prepared. This is going to sound so dramatic, but I'm prepared to die for this.

The protester said she hopes Boris Johnson takes her letter seriously as she appeals for action to save the future of his child and hers alike.


She urges "Boris to  address Extinction Rebellion demands and set realistic targets and influence other major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions to do the same," she said.

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